Complete Wolf & Northern Sky Painting Masterclass

This painting titled "Spirit of the North" embodies everything I feel about living in Northern Canada.  The original was completed using a combination of acrylic and oil and is the latest addition to my lifelong fascination of wolves and the northern lights. 

~Des McCaffrey



What You'll Learn

  • Composing the painting using the law of thirds
  • Preparing the panel
  • My proven method of using an airbrush to paint a flawless night sky
  • What tools and materials
  • How to use acrylics and oils in the same painting
  • My approach to painting a wolf from nose to tail 
  • How to use transparent colors to soften and tone 
  • Numerous other insights sprinkled in along the way

Course Features

  • 5 hours of total instruction
  • Des narrates the course in real time
  • Lifetime access
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • All future updates